Mother to Mother: 7 Tips For First-Time Moms


Being a first-time mom is a major adjustment.  There’s a new edition to the family, and that new edition requires a lot! Below are some pointers based on my personal experiences for surviving those first few months. I hope you find them helpful.

  1. Just Breathe – You’re doing a great job. No mom is perfect. A newborn can be overwhelming. Not to mention, your physical recovery from birth, adjusting hormones, and sore nipples (if you’re breast feeding). When it gets crazy, take a moment and breathe. The crazy doesn’t last forever.
  2. Give your body some time – You just gave birth to a human being for goodness sake! Unrealistic expectations of your body will only make things worse. It will take time to feel “normal” again. Your body will be different but in a good way. Soon you will learn to adjust your routine to include your new bundle of joy. Sore nipples and a sore bum will be a thing of the past, and you will soon tap into your greatest natural resource, your mommy strength.
  3. Take care of yourself – I know there’s not much “me” time with a new baby, but carving out some time to rest and eat is essential.  Shower/bath time is the perfect opportunity to unwind. Warm water, calming music, and fresh clothes make anyone feel brand new. Also keep healthy snacks near to munch on.
  4.  Prepare – Most newborns eat and then go back to sleep. However, there may be a time when baby will not fall right back to sleep, and is cranky. In preparation for said time I suggest the following; go to bed a few hours before baby wakes up for the night, prepare bottles a head of time, keep all the essentials (i.e. diapers, wipes, cloth-diapers, TV remote, and cellphone) within arm’s reach. When baby wakes up you’ll be prepared for anything, well almost.
  5. Sleep when the baby is sleeping – As much as I hate to admit it, this statement is true. It may be the only rest you get.
  6. White noise – Now this tip is optional. I found it helpful with all three of my children. Dry diaper, full tummy, plus white noise equals a rested baby on cranky nights. Try it!
  7. Accept Help – Sometimes it’s hard to relinquish duties to others. Accept the assistance, you’ll need it.

Remember, a happy healthy mom is the best mom!


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