Mom Life: Crock-Pot Meals

I often struggle with the balance between family, home, work, and personal time. Let’s be honest, even as a SAHM (stay at home mom), the balance was off. Running around with three children, all under the age of four, I hardly had time to comb my hair, forget about cooking a meal or keeping a perfectly kept home. So what was the solution?  I went on a search to find some tips for surviving motherhood whiling maintaining a home. Soon, I came across crock-pot meals. Yes, I’m conquering food first because I live in a house full of men, and food is their main priority. Crock-pot meals seem to be a great way to cook hearty meals and still have time to tackle other things. Below are a few recipes I plan to try.

Tender ribs with no fuss. Sign me up!

Baked Potatoes in a Crock? Who Knew? Click here for recipe link


Taco Tuesday will never be the same! Click here for the recipe link.


Meat Loaf, yummy! Click here for the recipe link.

This Slow Cooker Meatloaf has a delicious savory-sweet brown sugar and balsamic glaze on top, and is cooked on a sheet of parchment paper that easily lifts the meatloaf out of the slow cooker when it's done cooking.

I’ll try tackling these recipes first and let you know how it went. If anyone has any suggestions or recipes you think I should try comment below.


Mother to Mother: 7 Tips For First-Time Moms


Being a first-time mom is a major adjustment.  There’s a new edition to the family, and that new edition requires a lot! Below are some pointers based on my personal experiences for surviving those first few months. I hope you find them helpful.

  1. Just Breathe – You’re doing a great job. No mom is perfect. A newborn can be overwhelming. Not to mention, your physical recovery from birth, adjusting hormones, and sore nipples (if you’re breast feeding). When it gets crazy, take a moment and breathe. The crazy doesn’t last forever.
  2. Give your body some time – You just gave birth to a human being for goodness sake! Unrealistic expectations of your body will only make things worse. It will take time to feel “normal” again. Your body will be different but in a good way. Soon you will learn to adjust your routine to include your new bundle of joy. Sore nipples and a sore bum will be a thing of the past, and you will soon tap into your greatest natural resource, your mommy strength.
  3. Take care of yourself – I know there’s not much “me” time with a new baby, but carving out some time to rest and eat is essential.  Shower/bath time is the perfect opportunity to unwind. Warm water, calming music, and fresh clothes make anyone feel brand new. Also keep healthy snacks near to munch on.
  4.  Prepare – Most newborns eat and then go back to sleep. However, there may be a time when baby will not fall right back to sleep, and is cranky. In preparation for said time I suggest the following; go to bed a few hours before baby wakes up for the night, prepare bottles a head of time, keep all the essentials (i.e. diapers, wipes, cloth-diapers, TV remote, and cellphone) within arm’s reach. When baby wakes up you’ll be prepared for anything, well almost.
  5. Sleep when the baby is sleeping – As much as I hate to admit it, this statement is true. It may be the only rest you get.
  6. White noise – Now this tip is optional. I found it helpful with all three of my children. Dry diaper, full tummy, plus white noise equals a rested baby on cranky nights. Try it!
  7. Accept Help – Sometimes it’s hard to relinquish duties to others. Accept the assistance, you’ll need it.

Remember, a happy healthy mom is the best mom!