Summer Beauty Spotlight: Jade Ava’s Glow Up


Jade Ava is a young model and owner of Jade Ava Glow Up. Originally from Dallas, TX, Jade pursued her dreams of traveling and modeling, and eventually opened her own business. Glow Up is a highlighter line, known for it’s satin finish and impeccable glow.


Tested by some of the biggest beauty bloggers, Glow Up has taken the summer by storm! Jade Ava is currently working on expanding the Glow Up brand into other cosmetic areas. She recently launch new highlighter colors for the summer. Mermaid tail, Siren, and “Glow Getter” are receiving a lot of  buzz.

When asked what advice she had for inspiring young business women, Jade Ava responded “Stay strong, sharp, and always stay on your toes. You have to be hungry.” Glow Up products can be purchased here.



Four Trendy Arm Covering Styles

From unshaven armpits to “I hate my arms” days these four trendy arm covering styles have your back. Check them out!

  1. Cold-Shoulder– This look is the peek-a-boo goddess of sleeves. From a full sleeve, to a short sleeve this flirtatious look has it all.

    Plus Size Striped Shirt Dress

  2. Off-The-Shoulder– What can I say? This style is my absolute favorite. It is sexy, while still covering the voluptuous parts of the arm. My plus size ladies know what I mean.tubof

  3. Short Sleeve– It’s an oldie but a “goodie”. This classic style covers all the right areas while keeping you coolPlus Size Graphic Choker Tee

  4. Sheer Sleeves– Cool and covered. This look never disappoints.Pink Clove Sheer Mesh Tunic